Inside of Acerinox's plant in Los Barrios

The project aims to maximize the application of sustainable processes

The comprehensive plant of Acerinox in Los Barrios employs over 1,800 people and has an annual production capacity of more than a million metric tons of stainless steel. The project will favor the identification suitable decarbonization technologies for each industrial subprocess, with a special focus on electrification from renewable energies, green or blue hydrogen, bioenergies, as well as carbon capture and storage. This way, the company leaps ahead of European Union regulatory requirements.

Based on the previous analysis, a road map containing mid- and long-term targets will be drafted, adjusting the investment schedule with which Acerinox intends to meet its decarbonization targets through technological and business maturity criteria and investment optimization. Within the framework of this project, Acerinox will contribute its vast know-how, premises and commitment to industrial innovation, thus creating a chance to improve, a firm’s cultural hallmark.