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Self-driven cars, 5G and moving traffic

The new premises in Malaga cover an extension of 51,000 meters and imply an initial investment of five million euros.

This is the first R&D lab in this industry, a true European reference where actual traffic patterns are analyzed. The workforce of 15 employees in these facilities will soon be extended. Dekra, pioneering multinational corporation at the PTA (Andalusia’s Technology Park), promotes this business project which also includes the collaboration of Seat and Telefónica.

With operations in over 60 countries and over 46,000 employees, Dekra aims to ensure long-term safety and environmental protection and quality. To do that, it develops services relating to vehicle inspection, second-hand vehicle management, as well as to material testing and inspections, amongst other activities. With this project, the company has created a test circuit for 5G-connected vehicles which is a pioneer in Europe.

Source: El confidencial