Juice Booster 2, manufactured by Juice Technology for Mercedes Benz

It includes the supply of portable charger Juice Booster 2 for EVs throughout Europe

Juice Technology, leading Swiss multinational corporation in the design and marketing of charging solutions worldwide, recently chose Malaga (Andalusia) as their operational base in our country. the agreement signed between Juice Technology and Mercedes-Benz will allow the former to supply their portable charger in the European after-sales channels of the giant German automaker.

From Juice Technology they say that “for a young, ambitious company like ours, the inclusion of our Juice Booster 2 in official sales channels of a premium brand such as Mercedes-Benz allows us to reaffirm our efforts to market a unique product”. Juice Technology AG, headquartered in Bachenbülach, is a global producer of charging solutions for Electric Vehicles (EVs). Thanks to their large product portfolio, including larger and faster portable AC & DC devices, the company has consolidated itself as one of the few sector distributors capable of offering such a complete product range. The company has dominated the market of portable 22-kW charging stations since 2014.

Source: In-House